Chelone destroyer

A Chelone-class destroyer. Note the protruding missile launchers.

The Chelone-class Destroyer is a heavily modified version of the Omega-class destroyer.

Characteristics Edit

Unlike some Omega variants, this ship is not the normal destroyer with some new weapon, but rather a whole new ship class. It has artificial gravity, but retains the forward hull of the Nova-class Dreadnaught, which the normal Omega also has. The engine block is pretty much the same, but additional thrusters are located on the extensions of the hull.

This ship was intended to be a stop-gap design until all the design problems with the Warlock-class Destroyer could be resolved. To this effect, it has the missile silos of the Warlock, 12 large launchers, 16 smaller ones. It also has six heavy railguns, as well as the secondary 40mm plasma pulse cannons from the Omega. Finally, it has double the particle beam weaponry of the Omega, eight in all. Four face forward on the usual location, while four face backward.

The fighter capacity is unchanged, but its power and effectiveness in battle is greatly improved. However, it still shares many of the same parts with the Omega, allowing it to be built at a faster pace. Very few were made in the EA, but Ckasaron began to mass-produce them for his own fleet. The Warlock would still beat it in a one-on-one confrontation, however.

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