Sasha Mitchell
Alias: Sasha
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 08-03-32
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: brown
Relatives: Samantha Mitchell (mother)

Ryan Mitchell (Father) Sarah Mitchell (sister)

Affiliation: Interstellar Alliance


Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer
Serial Number: SD23-89-78
Commander Sasha Mitchell is the First Officer of the Interstellar Alliance Warship Paris.

Early lifeEdit

Sasha Mitchell was born on August 3rd 2239 on Earth in Atlanta Georgia to Samantha and Ryan Mitchell, both her parents are Earthforce officers and they fought in the Earth-Minibari War 2245.

Interstellar Alliance careerEdit

At the Age of 18 she joined Earthforce and became an officer she was onboard the Vesta during the Earth Allliance Civil War and joined the side of Sheridan against Clark who was under shadow influence at the time and helped the Liberation Fleet achieve victory, and she later was promoted to the rank of Commander and apart of the Alpha one Starfury fighter group.


In 2279 after the almost costly battle against a fleet of Hand vessels her ship taking damage and her former Captain killed while her new CO was trying to get the ship out of the combat zone she took control of the weapons and was able to fire the aft turrets as she and the crew escaped safely back to Earth Space. She was at the promotion of her best friend John Tyson and was ofter to stay onboard the Paris as his XO and she accepts the position and the two often disagree with each other but she knows that he's always right.

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