Jason Samuels
Alias: Jason
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1-23-45
Place of Birth: Jacksonville Florida
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Relatives: Harry Samuels

Mary Samuels

Affiliation: Interstellar Alliance, Earthforce
Rank: Ensign
Position: Chief Conn Officer
Serial Number: XCV-0989-C789
Jason Samuels is the Chief Conn officer for the Interstellar Alliance vessel Paris.


Jason Samuels is tall with a muscle tone and has black hair and brown eyes and he wears the Army of Light Uniform that was issued to Sheridan and his crew n they've been issued to the crew of the Paris.

Early LifeEdit

In 2245 Jason Samuels was born to a Earthforce Military family, he went to school at the age of 11 and then at the Age of 19 he graduated and then he attended the Academy where he met a few people there and made a lot of new friends.

Interstellar Alliance careerEdit

In 2278 after the Earthforce Civil war was over he rejoined Earthforce cause he wanted to make a difference and restore the government to its former glory, so he served onboard the new Victory-Class Destroyer Paris as the Helm officer and he has been a good officer since he was asked to come aboard the Paris.

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