Kayla Donald
Alias: Kayla
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 4-5-32
Place of Birth: London, England
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Relatives: Harry Donald

Mary Donald Jerry Donald Hannah Dotson-Donald

Affiliation: Interstellar Alliance, Earthforce
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Communication Officer
Serial Number: SDO908-LX-223

Lieutenant Kayla Donald is the Communication Officer onboard the Interstellar Alliance Warship Paris under the Command of Captain John Tyson.


Kayla is very cute and beautiful she's tall and like her ship mates she is wearing the Army of Light Uniform, and she is very nice.

Early LifeEdit

Kayla was Born on April 5th 2245 in Mobile Alabama to a farming family who wasn't very rich but they can get the job done in the field, Kayla she went to school and she graduated from High School at the age of 19 and everyday when she's done with work on the field she watches the shuttles leave the airports to take officers to their ships, and she wants to join the EarthForce Her mother approved of it but her dad wasn't to happy about it. In 2258 During her time at the Academy she was passing all her classes she met John Tyson, the two became great friends when she and her class graduated from the Academy the two friends were posted on the same Ship the EAS Ship Agamemnon.

Interstellar Alliance CareerEdit


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