Samuel Hanson
Alias: Sam
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1-23-40
Place of Birth: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: blue
Relatives: Sarah Hanson

Kyle Hanson

Affiliation: Interstellar Alliance


Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Tactical/Security Chief
Serial Number: XZS-989O782L

Samuel Hanson is the weapons/Tactical officer onboard the Interstellar Alliance Warship IAS Paris under the command of Captain John Tyson. (Babylon 5: Paris)

Early Life/Earthforce timeEdit

Samuel Hanson was born on Earth in Tulsa Oklahoma to a Military Family his father is an Earthforce Captain, and his mother is an Earthforce Commander, when he was at the age of 15 he met John Tyson and the two became good friends. both he and John Tyson helped each other graduate from high school and they both inlisted into Earthforce. After they both graduated the Academy they went their seperate ways Sam was posted to the EAS Omega-Class Destroyer Agamemnon and John Tyson was posted the the Space Station Babylon 5 under the Command of Commander Jeffery Sinclair.

Earth Alliance Civil WarEdit

In 2270 after the death of President Santiago and the bombing of colonies by president Clark new Station Commander Captain John Sheridan declared Babylon 5 independed from Earthforce, at that time Samuel was posted to the EAS Omega-Class Destroyer EAS Thesus at the time of the problem. During the battle to Earth Samuel and a number of crewmembers refused to fire on the Whitestar fleet under the Command of John Sheridan they put the Captain into custody and Samuel was the only ranking senior officer on the Bridge at the time cause the XO was on vacation from injuries he sustained against pirates.

Interstellar Alliance careerEdit

Interstellar AllianceEdit

In 2273 after the Earth Alliance Civil War the EAS Thesus is in dry-dock for refits while her crew is being court-martialed for betraying the Alliance but they were justified to do it when they learned that Clark was working with the Shadows to pit Earthforce against itself, After the court-martialed Samuel was placed in the brig for 2 months but when he was selected to be the tactical/security officer for the new Victory Class destroyer Paris he jumped at the chance to join the crew.

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