The Mindriders shed their corporeal bodies over a million years ago. They refer to the moment of ascendance to beings of pure though as "the Great Birth" and consider themselves to be an entirely different species from that which they were before. After the Great Birth, they quickly reached Hyperspace and the stars beyond their native system, joining the galactic other highly advanced species such as the Speakers, the Walkers, the Torvalus (with who they sometimes clashed), the Vorlons, the Shadows, but mostly the Triad in a form of galactic community. Deeply philosophical, they were anxious to learn all that they could from their more experienced brothers, then, after a while, they separated into small groups, and investigate throughout the galaxy, joining together again every so often to exchange information, and then moves beyond. Although incorporeal, they often use large empty spaceship-like structures to travel through space. Mindriders are known to invade the minds of significant individuals of lesser species to observe and sometimes influence history.

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