Poseidon super carrier

A Poseidon Super Carrier, with widened front and midsetions.

The Poseidon-class Super Carrier was yet another Omega-class destroyer variant.

Characteristics Edit

This ship is about 2,000 meters long, but the exact size is unknown. Like the Omega from which it is derived, it retains the rotaing crew section, though it is moved further back on the ship, with virtually no midesction hull between it and the engine block, which is also derived from the Omega.

If confronted, this ship would not usually fight, but instead just run. This is due to its poor armament, taking only the primary weapons of the Omega. These are four 52mm plasma pulse cannons (two fore, two aft) and four particle beam cannons (two fore, two aft). To suit its carrier role, it has jump engines that recharge faster, allowing it to get away if needed.

This ship carries ninety-six Starfury fightercraft, which allows it to swarm potential opponents with superior numbers. Most ships carry 1-48 ships, but this ship carries twice that. The furies can be swapped out for varying missions, such as carrying Badgers, Thunderbolts, Muskrats, and Stealth furies in combat engagements, usually 24 of each. To accommodate the extra fighters, the front and midsections are greatly widened.

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